Our clients in different countries all over the world have individual tastes for perfumes and designs.
At L&D we offer services and experiences to find perfect solutions that matches the ideas of our customers and meet their high expectations in quality and price.
The R & D department is continuously working in numerous projects, collaborating directly with the distributors to create the perfume and the unique design for their projects.
We believe this is the key to meet the client. We constantly present new products that help us to lead our distributors to a promising and successful future.
Today, L&D covers the latest trends in the world of air fresheners.

David Fernández Torres



LMr. Fernández set the scientific foundation for L&D after completing his Chemist Degree (specialized in organic chemistry) from the University of Granada. In the early 70s David Fernández followed his passion and took a position at the renowned French company CHARABOT & CIE for distillation of natural essences in Grasse. For several years he acquired an elite education from the prestigious master perfumer Mr. Coeur. During this period Mr. Fernandez finished his first creations in “Haute Couture” perfumery with the quality seal of French perfumers.

Following the experiences in France, David Fernandez joined the department for perfumery in the company NIKE Perfumes, where his expertise in creating and developing new perfumes brought great success.

It was in 1980 when David Fernández Torres finally founded the company L&D. The valuable knowledge he gained during the time at the French perfumery served to identity L&D air freshener with prestige and quality.

The challenge is based in the continuous innovation; creating new models, designing and developing new fragrances for customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

The exclusive natural fragrances combined with the original designs contribute to the high reputation of the company and raise the legend of: L&D – A WORLD OF FRAGRANCES AND DESIGNS.